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How You Can Join

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To become a member:

1. To become a full member of the SCV, one must first determine if they meet eligibility requirements.  Generally, to be eligible for full membership, one must be a male, at least 12 years of age, and either a lineal or collateral descendant of a Confederate veteran who served honorably in the Confederate Armed forces.  A lineal descendant is a direct descendant, while a collateral descendant is someone who shares a common ancestor with the veteran, such as a great nephew, a great-great nephew, a third cousin, etc.  If one has difficulty establishing connection to a Confederate veteran, assistance can be obtained from SCV national and state level genealogists.  Cadet memberships are available for those under 12, and Associate memberships are available, under the Friends of the SCV Program, for those who don't otherwise qualify for full membership. 

2. After determining that one is eligible for membership, one must fill out and submit a membership application and a genealogical lineage chart showing one's connection to a Confederate veteran.  Documentation of the Confederate veteran's service should also be submitted with the above forms.  This documentation can often be established by copies of the veteran's (or his widow's) Confederate pension applications.  These papers can usually be obtained from the state archives where the pension application was filed.  In the case of Louisiana, the papers can be obtained for $15.00 from the Louisiana State Archives Confederate Pensions Applications Database.   Confederate service documentation can also be established by other means, such as Confederate muster rolls, or Federal pardon or parole documents.

3. Once one has completed the application and lineage chart, these documents along with the Confederate veteran's service record should be submitted to one of the camp officers along with a dues payment of $50.00.  This fee includes the first year's membership dues to the national, state, and camp organizations, plus a $5.00 processing fee.  Annual dues are $45.00 each year after that.  Lifetime memberships are available through the national organization, but initial membership applications must be done through one of the local camps.  Once the membership application package is reviewed at the camp level, it is then forwarded to the national headquarters. 

4. After the packet is filed with the national headquarters, the new member receives a certificate of membership (suitable for framing), and a membership card.  The new member is then entitled to all the privileges of membership in the organization, as well as access to purchasing members only merchandise.  Included in the membership dues are a subscription to the SCV's magazine Confederate Veteran and the e-mail newsletter, the SCV Telegraph.  The Louisiana Division of the SCV also provides members with  a monthly newsletter, The Louisiana True Delta, as well as an e-mail newsletter, the Tiger Courier.  Local news and events are outlined in a monthly e-mail newsletter, The Camp Courier, which is produced by the Henry Watkins Allen Camp.         




For more information on joining the Sons of Confederate Veterans, please click here for an overview of the process.



  “The Confederate sabreur kissed his blade homeward, riding on into the mouth of hell.”